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Bridgid Levoir, MD
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Douglas Le, MD 
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Donna Stephens, MD

As a patient at E&S Family Medicine Physicians, you will never be left without a doctor. We will assign one of our well trained and Board Certified Physicians to act as your primary care doctor. Keeping most of your appointments with your primary doctor helps build a healthy doctor-patient relationship.

But do not worry, if there is ever a time where your assigned primary care doctor is unavailable, we will make sure that you will be able to see one of the other equally qualified doctors in our practice. This helps tremendously during unforeseen acute medical issues that may require quick medical attention.

After hours, our physicians are available by phone for emergency situations. After hours calls will be handled personally by one of our three ‘in house’ physicians.  By providing care in this manner, we will improve the quality of care that you receive.